Republic of the Philippines
Republic of the Philippines
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The Philippine Passport is at all times the property of the Republic of the Philippines. It must be surrendered upon demand by an authorized representative of the Philippine Government.

Alteration, addition, or destruction of contents is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized change will render a passport invalid and will have accompanying penalties.

Using the passport as collateral is against the law and will automatically render the passport cancelled.

The information provided in the online appointment system and the passport application form must be true and correct. The documents that will be submitted should be authentic. Under the law, making false statements in passport application form, furnishing falsified or forged documents in support thereof are punishable by law.


This appointment and scheduling system allocates slots on a first come, first served basis. Appointment slots are not for sale and non-transferrable.

Please note that appointment slots for passport services at the Philippine Embassy in Canberra are opened on a monthly basis. The opening of the appointment slots for mobile consular outreach services is announced separately, subject to the confirmation of the dates/venue of the consular outreach mission. [Please click here]

Users accept the responsibility for supplying, checking, and verifying the accuracy and correctness of the information they provide on this system in connection with their application. Incorrect or inaccurate information supplied may result in suspension or rejection of your application.

Any information submitted in the system is subject to data privacy/protection and other pertinent laws and regulations.

The email account used for the appointment must be valid, active and accessible as the appointment confirmation will be sent to that email account. For passport appointments, users must have a valid Gmail or Yahoo email address. Contact details to be provided, such as address and phone numbers, should be the contact details used in Australia so that these may be used in contacting the applicant should there be a need to do so in relation to his/her passport application.

Applicants who wish to change their appointments are reminded to cancel their old appointment schedule before securing a new appointment slot in order to avoid multiple bookings. Should an applicant secure multiple bookings for the same service for various dates/appointment, the earliest booking shall be cancelled and only the latest date of appointment will be retained.

Applicants are also reminded to read and understand all the documentary requirements for the consular service they want to avail of. Please click below for the list of requirements.

For Adult Applicants (18 years old and above)

For Minor Applicants (below 18 years old)

Social distancing and use of face covering are still required while inside the Embassy premises.

For further inquiries, please e-mail

If you have read all of the above, please click this link to proceed.

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