Report of Birth

Report of Birth of an infant born in Australia of Filipino parent(s)

Please take note that the consular officer may require additional documents upon assessment of the application, depending on the circumstances of the applicant’s birth. Factors such as citizenship, previous civil status and others may affect the status of your application.

The birth of a child born to any Filipino parent in Australia must be reported to the Philippine Embassy within 1 year after the date of birth.  If reported after 1 year, the registration is deemed delayed. The birth may nevertheless be recorded upon the determination of the consular officer of satisfactory evidence on the authenticity of the report. In these cases, the person who executed the report shall furnish the Embassy with an explanation surrounding the delay in reporting the birth.


  1. Report of Birth form (click here to download), four (4) originals duly signed and accomplished. Each copy must be accomplished and physically signed (handwritten or “wet” signature) by the parent(s);

  2. Child’s Birth Certificate issued by Australia Registry of Births, four (4) certified true copies;

  3. Marriage Certificate, four (4) certified true copies;

  4. Data page of father’s passport, four (4) certified true copies;

  5. Data page of mother’s passport, four (4) certified true copies

  6. Money order/Bank Cheque of AUD45.00 (made payable to the Philippine Embassy.  If paying by credit card, a surcharge is applied. Please provide the credit card name, number and expiry date);

  7. Pre-paid, self-addressed stamped envelope;

  8. Please provide your contact details and email address in case the Embassy needs to communicate with you regarding your application.


If the Report of Birth at the Embassy is submitted 1 year after the child’s birth:

  1. One (1) original Affidavit of Late Registration of Birth (click here to download template).

If the parents are not legally married,

  1. One (1) original NSO-authenticated birth certificate of mother; and
  2. One (1) original Affidavit of Illegitimacy.

If the parents are not legally married but opt to use the surname of the father, the following Legal Instruments, are required, under Republic Act (R.A.) 9255:

  1. Four (4) original Affidavit of Admission of Paternity (AAP) (click here to download template), executed by the child’s father, to be signed before a consular officer at the Embassy. If the father is not in Australia, this document must be authenticated either in the Philippine embassy or consulate in the country where he resides or by the Department of Foreign Affairs if he is in the Philippines.

         If the father’s whereabouts is unknown, a Personal Handwritten Instrument (PHI, such as a personal letter) written by the father which states his acknowledgement of   his paternity of the child and copy of the father’s identification (such as passport).

      2. Four (4) original Affidavit to Use Surname of the Father (click here to download template), executed by the child’s mother, or the guardian or the registrant, to be  signed before a consular officer at the Embassy.

3. Four (4) Certificates of Registration, for the Legal Instruments submitted, to be issued by the Embassy.


  1. In person at the Philippine Embassy in Canberra (no need for appointment)
  2. By mail. If the report is sent to the Embassy through mail, have two witnesses write their names, addresses and signatures in the pertinent portion of the Report of Birth. The Embassy assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage through the mail or courier service.


If the child is being applied for a Philippine passport, the following are required:

  1. Accomplished Application Form for E-Passport Renewal.
  2. Report of Birth.


These fees may apply, if applicable:

  Report of Birth                                                                                       AUD 45.00

Legalization of AAP or PHI      AUD 45.00
Legalization of AUSF      AUD 45.00
Certificate of Registration fee      AUD 45.00
Affidavit of Late Registration
Passport fee
Postage fee
     AUD 45.00
     AUD 108.00
     AUD 10.00

Bids and Awards